Train WV: Training and Resources for Autism Insurance Navigation in WV

Our goal at TRAIN is to provide information and access to those parents, autism professionals, and insurance providers who are navigating West Virginia's recently-passed insurance coverage for children with autism. Passing this legislation was a major milestone in making effective services available to the public. The success we have achieved so far is due in large part to the collaborative effort of our stakeholder's, however; the task is not yet complete. Questions and concerns regarding the implementation of the legislation create obstacles that delay access to much needed services. TRAIN was established to help navigate these obstacles more efficiently. Rather than tackling each problem on an individual basis our goal is provide a united front where all stakeholders have equal access to resources and information to aid in successful implementation.

A summary of the autism insurance legislation

The new autism insurance legislation requires coverage for autism spectrum disorders for policies renewed after January 1, 2012. Coverage includes treatments that are medically necessary including Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). This coverage applies to any individual between 18 months and 18 years of age diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder before the age of 8. For more information about services and eligibility please view our tabs at the top of this page.

a photo of the TRAIN WV team
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